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Racing water pump HTD

COD N-L157
weight: 0.345 kg

A pump machined from solid, made of aluminium, designed and produced to ensure an ideal flow of water when used in conjunction with New-Line Racing radiators. It features an internal rotor that is also machined from solid and made of aluminium. It differs from the R version thanks to the toothed pulley, which is specific to frames with a toothed belt (HTD) instead of O-Rings.

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COD N-L128
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COD N-L138
measure (mm): 1,000
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Can also be installed with the axle already mounted because they are heat-weldable.

COD N-L188
weight: 21 g

The pump shaft is a New-Line water pump replacement accessory.

weight: 0.220 kg

COD N-L191
weight: 50 g

Made of anodised aluminium, machined from a solid block, it has an external diameter of 70 mm. It is designed for use with a toothed belt and allows maximum dragging grip.