New-Line Racing presents the 2021 product range

The Italian company has defined radiators and accessories as the protagonists of its new catalog, as always in the name of technology and quality

PSL Karting & New-Line Racing: the renewal of a twenty-year old partnership

A 20-year long partnership is renewed: in summary, this is the relationship between PSL Karting and New-Line Racing.

New-Line Racing unveils the 2020 radiators range

A lot of new radiators; many important technical innovations, starting with the new MAX radiator core, the result of a long research and development work; a series of updated and improved accessories: New-Line Racing has come up with the widest offer possible in order to meet the needs of all kart drivers.


The radiators and all the products of the New Line Racing range will equip the new chassis designed by Charles Leclerc and produced by Birel ART.

Checking the radiator before going back out on the track

After having seen what to do when it’s cold and how those who don’t race in the winter put the radiator away, we now take a look at the work that needs to be performed on the radiator before taking the kart back out on the track and the mistakes to avoid so as not to jeopardise the proper functioning of the vehicle.

How to manage the radiator during the cold season

In the winter, even though the days get shorter and there are fewer races, the pleasure of getting out on the track is still there. However, the colder air means that as the radiator completes its cycle, the engine runs the risk of being excessively cooled. New Line explains how to prevent this from happening.

How a radiator is construcuted and how it works

Everyone uses them, but maybe not everyone knows how New Line radiators are made and how they function. They are handmade with painstaking attention to detail. So, let’s briefly review the process, starting with the basics.

Watch out for track performance comparisons with cheap radiators!

Why does it make no sense to compare a used radiator, even if it is a quality radiator, with a cheap but new economic radiator? For many reasons that have nothing to do with the actual cooling performance of a quality radiator.