The New Line brand was born in 1998, producing radiators for the first water engines beginning to appear on race tracks. Since then a huge number of models have hit the market, all helping to make New Line the absolute leader in the sector. Below are some of the key moments along the road travelled.


This radiator was the predecessor of the R model. Originally it was nameless. It was simply called radiator “for the 100” and “for the 125.” Made in aluminium, it was 18 cm wide and 45 high.


This was the first model of the R line. It came out in 2000 and initially it was called 100. It was made with two aluminium alloys, the first to be used. In 2001, World Champion in Formula Super A with Liuzzi.


Made in 2001, this was one of the first RS models. It has obtained many track victories – above all, the Super ICC World Championships: in 2004 with Ennio Gandolfi’s Birel/TM, in 2005 with Francesco Laudato’s Birel/TM, and in 2006 with Davide Forè’s Tony Kart/Vortex. In the picture, the original model used by Alessandro Manetti.


A prototype made in 2003: basically it was an RS model with a Hobby welded on the front. The idea was to increase the radiating mass and therefore improve water cooling. It never hit the production line.


Evolution, 2005. Again, the idea was to increase the radiating mass by increasing only the top portion, due to the cumbersome square fairings. It was made on request, exclusively for a few manufacturers. It was the model that gave birth to the “big.”


Radiators but not only – support brackets have also evolved over time. The first on the left is a 1998 model, it was made out of shiny stainless steel. The second, from 2002, was made of iron. The last two, from 2004 and 2006, were made in aluminium.


Proving that it never stops in the quest for innovative solutions, New Line has produced several pieces that to date remain prototypes. Each one has helped increase the knowledge and technical characteristics applied to serial products that have been or will be realized. But there’s also something that undoubtedly looks to the future…