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Radiator RS-V

COD N-L108
measure (mm): 250 x 430 x 40
weight: 2.900 kg

Based on the RS model, the RS-V features the “V-shaped” arrangement of the cooling cores.
The overall front width is still 24 cm, but the surface area of the cooling cores exposed to the air is slightly greater.

Product Description

It has the exact same cooling qualities of the RS model from which it derives. That is the reason it is recommended in the same conditions and classes.
However, compared to the RS, the RS-V features a particular structure, capable of conveying the air more efficiently, also thanks to the upper spoiler.
The top tank inlet has been redesigned to evenly distribute water across all the tubes and make the mosto out of all the surface area available thanks to its new curved shape, which can be seen also in the bottom tank outlet.
While performance in most conditions is not significantly better than the model on which it is based, when used on high-speed tracks it manages to provide greater cooling ability.

When to use:

icona primavera Spring (except OK)

Summer (except OK)

Autumn (except OK)

Winter (except OK)