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Radiator RS-Special

COD N-L153
measure (mm): 320 x 430 x 40
weight: 3.100 kg

If the RS is not enough in terms of cooling capacity and if it is not possible to mount the Big, due to its base width of 29 cm, here comes the RS-Special model to the rescue.

Product Description

Starting from the RS model, therefore with a base width of 24 cm, at 8 cm from the bottom the RS-Special model is augmented by an additional radiator core making the overall width 32 cm.
This particular arrangement and structure of the radiator core also allows installation on karts with less space for the radiator due to the presence of bulky accessories. All of this is possible while achieving excellent cooling performance. The new, curve-shaped inlet and outlet have been developed in order to ensure a proper waterflow acroos all the tubes inside the core.

In extreme weather conditions, it can be combined with the Supplementary model.

When to use:

Summer (except OK)