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Radiator RS-S1

COD N-L107
measure (mm): 240 x 430 x 40
weight: 2.600 kg

A model based on the RS model, but specific for use combined with Honda shifter engines, which are widely used in the United States of America.

Product Description

Identical to the RS, the RS-S1 features a water outlet, positioned on the bottom side, directed towards the front of the kart. This decision was made to facilitate the installation of the radiator on karts with Honda shifter engines, which are common in the US.

The width of the radiator core, equal to 24 cm, allows this model to offer outstanding cooling performance even in particularly hot weather. In addition, it is one of the most sought after models technically. This is proved by the curved design of the water inlet (and outlet), capable of improving the distribution of water over the entire width of the radiator core, in order to best exploit its cooling capacity.

Beyond its technical and performance features, the RS-S1 model clearly represents the attention that New Line Racing places on listening to the different needs of the market, trying to meet the demands of all customers throughout the world.

In extreme weather conditions it can be combined with the Supplementary model.

When to use:

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