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Radiator R

COD N-L104
measure (mm): 200 x 430 x 40
weight: 2.100 kg

The precursor of all New-Line Racing production. Indeed, the R was the first model produced by the Italian company in the now distant 1998 and is still one of its top selling products. It immediately established New-Line Racing’s production guidelines: quality and the utmost attention to detail.

Product Description

It was originally a main radiator suited to all classes. Its distinguishing trait is its flexibility of use thanks to its particularly appropriate size. A characteristic that practically makes it suitable in all weather conditions.

Obviously, in extreme conditions (e.g. high temperatures and in international races), in order to further improve the cooling it might need the help of all the accessories and items present in the New-Line Racing catalogue capable of improving the performance of the radiator itself. For example: the Supplementare model, silicone tubes and the R water pump.

It is mounted in the traditional position, on the left of the driver, and is fully adjustable thanks to telescopic supports machined from solid.

When to use:

icona primavera Spring (except KZ)

Summer (except KZ)