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Radiator BIG

COD N-L109
measure (mm): 290 x 430 x 40
weight: 3.000 kg

Originating from a specific requirement to increase cooling ability as much as possible, the BIG is 5 cm wider (at 29 cm) than the RS and 9 cm wider than the R.

Product Description

The BIG model originates from a specific requirement dictated by a change to regulations. With the advent of the current kart fairings, which are bulkier than in the past, the area for the installation of the radiator has been deprived of a significant amount of air, which is diverted by the larger nose panels. This is the reason why New-Line Racing has tried to make up for this deficiency by producing a radiator that is more generous in size, not so much in terms of height, but in width. The top tank inlet has been redesigned to evenly distribute water across all the tubes and make the most out of all the surface area available thanks to its new curved shape, which can be seen also in the bottom tank outlet.

In extreme weather conditions, it can be combined with the Supplementary model.

When to use:

icona primavera Spring (except OK)